Sunday, July 31, 2011

No more plastic..

So it is no secret that we have debt. We have student loans, credit cards and a car loan. We have been rapidly paying off serious amounts of debt, although when we had Samson that 4000 medical bill set us back a bit. This paycheck we decided to try to use only cash for everything (except what is on autopay). I made a list of everything on autopay. Then I make a budget. Anything I will need to spend money on is on the list. I then label envelopes with the categories; groceries, eating out, haircuts, coffee, gifts, lunch money and gas money. I should add to that Casey and I get allowance every month which is how I buy makeup and needless shoes...  The cash envelope system is promoted by Dave Ramsey to decrease your spending. I have only been doing it for two days and it works. Casey and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary by going out to sushi. So we went to the restaurant and we ordered less. We even substituted rice and miso sause for expensive sushi. We only got one roll each. How funny is that? Normally we spend way more but knowing we were on a budget helped. Then today after church we wanted churchs chicken and after I handed the guy the cash Casey and I were both like ouch. It maks me feel so secure knowing we have enough in the bank to pay the bills because I have already taken out the money. I feel in control. So how do you do your budget? Or do you just go with it?

Also I am going to try and make my mother in law  make me something similar to these ADORABLE etsy money envelopes.


  1. Those envelopes are adorable. I took the Dave Ramsey class last year at presby. It was a great class. I still have all the stuff if you need to borrow anything. We ended up paying off our vehicle after the class, no credit card usage, and we paid for our all inclusive vacation in cash (which we always put on credit card before and then paid it off within the year). Paying for everything in cash feels great! Keep it up and let me know how it goes!

  2. Our family is on a budget also. We set aside money for just about, including money we are saving to purchase a home (cash payment). This is only our first month of doing it and I'm curious to see how much additional money (if any) we will be able to sit aside in our house fund. Those envelopes are so stinky cute!