Sunday, July 31, 2011

No more plastic..

So it is no secret that we have debt. We have student loans, credit cards and a car loan. We have been rapidly paying off serious amounts of debt, although when we had Samson that 4000 medical bill set us back a bit. This paycheck we decided to try to use only cash for everything (except what is on autopay). I made a list of everything on autopay. Then I make a budget. Anything I will need to spend money on is on the list. I then label envelopes with the categories; groceries, eating out, haircuts, coffee, gifts, lunch money and gas money. I should add to that Casey and I get allowance every month which is how I buy makeup and needless shoes...  The cash envelope system is promoted by Dave Ramsey to decrease your spending. I have only been doing it for two days and it works. Casey and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary by going out to sushi. So we went to the restaurant and we ordered less. We even substituted rice and miso sause for expensive sushi. We only got one roll each. How funny is that? Normally we spend way more but knowing we were on a budget helped. Then today after church we wanted churchs chicken and after I handed the guy the cash Casey and I were both like ouch. It maks me feel so secure knowing we have enough in the bank to pay the bills because I have already taken out the money. I feel in control. So how do you do your budget? Or do you just go with it?

Also I am going to try and make my mother in law  make me something similar to these ADORABLE etsy money envelopes.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Samson

I really wanted to do this more but I better do one now that I am thinking about it. There might be typos because I was trying to rush so I could finish this before he wakes up.

Dear Samson,

you are almost 17 months old now. It makes me so sad and happy to see you grow up. The term would be bittersweet. I don't have a baby anymore. I switched out your bedding so you could have sheets and a comforter. You even have a pillow.  You walk around and you even say a few words. You understand so much and help me unload the dishwasher and put away legos. You have the largest appetite and you love everything. We took you to the sushi restaurant and you loved the seaweed salad. Daddy and I were so surprised! You probably eat a pb&j 6 days a week because you love them so much. You love the Samson speghetti that I make you which is just noodles and tomato soup.  I finished weaning you a few days ago and you were so coaperative. I just told you "all gone" and you nodded. Now you even sleep through the night. I am so proud of you. I do admit that I miss our little quality time at night. I am astonished at how perfect and sweet you are. You make us fear having another baby because we can't imagine getting this lucky twice. Everywhere we go we get tons of compliments especially on your hair. This weekend you and daddy are going to get haircuts at the salon. On Sunday we are going to dedicate you at our church and become members of our church. I am so excited to make that promise to raise you Christian and hope you love god as much as I do.  A few days ago we went to visit your aunt and cousins and when we left you cried and cried. I think it made your auntie feel good. You love your family. Even when you see my family you love them and you hardly ever see them. Last night I had a moms group and you were in the house and some music came on the tv and you did a little jig for all to see. Every morning you wake up and point downstairs. We go down and you run to Grannys room to see if she is awake and yes it makes me tear up everytime. Then you usually want a cup of milk or water to drink while I make some breakfast. For breakfast we usually have some eggs (you eat 2!) or some toast or groats. Then we play, read books and run around being "crazy baby" as your dad calls it. At around naptime you get a little fuss fuss and you point upstairs and you know its nap time. As much as I love you I LIVE for that naptime. I get to work out, shower or clean. When you wake up we might go for a walk or play in the backyard with Heidi dog. I try to get you outside air everyday because Oma says its healthy and I think it makes you sleep better. Then we go back in and play some more until dinner. Daddy comes home around 5:30. Once you hear that door click you run in the living room and then you follow dad upstairs where dad changes out of his work stuff. Dad used to carry you back down but now I have to go up and carry you down because of dads car accident. I hope you don't notice how much pain dad is in. His tries to hide when he is playing with you. Then we eat dinner together, maybe watch a little movie and its bed time. You have been a breeze to put to bed. I read you a few books esp. this history book "Olden Days" and I lay you down and rub your sweet hair till you fall asleep. No more crying. I am so happy you came to this on your own with out me having to do any sleep training. I couldn't make myself do that. Your nonni noticed you are such a secure little boy. I can leave you without any crying. We love you and can't wait to see you grow up.
Your momma.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My son is weaned...!

So my little baby has been weaned. Yesterday morning at around 5 am was his last session. I don't look back on that session with any fondness, I was just trying to get a few more hours of shut eye with the milks. I am so surprised how easy it was to get him off the milks. I just told him it was all gone and we moved on to a story. I think I might be the teeniest offended. HA HA! Like why isn't he more attached? I have heard all these horror stories about weaning and for me it was so easy.
Okay new topic... slowing down the nursing has made my hormones regulate and now my anxiety is totally gone. I am not on zoloft anymore. I feel great.. except my skin is not so great. I am working on that though.
Another new topic; I have been eating so much sugar. I can't stop. I am going to do a anti-sugar week. Not sure if I am going to cut white carbs too or just sweet sugar. I just know I need to stop. My mother in law did some antisugar thing and I am going to follow suit. I just have to get the details.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So in the spirit of a friends post here are my favorite things...
1. My car. Period. I cried when it got hit in an accident because my husband said they would total it. ha ha! They didn't.
2. Citizens of Humanity Jeans!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Pretty much all I wear. I even got maternity ones. Worth every penny, made in the United States, lots of washes... need I say more? Even celebrities love them... look...

3. Aveeno baby wash (or the identical counterpart Johnsons head to toe baby wash). I use this as a face wash. Takes off waterprof Dior mascara. No tears, same basic ingredients as purpose face wash but smells better and cheaper. Sometimes I branch out into the world of cleaners but I always come back to this.

4. Sephora lip stain, both colors. My lips have little natural color and this looks great. It is my base before any gloss so when the gloss goes I still have something going on.

5. Clinique Lash power mascara is great. Only comes off with warm water. Not the greatest volumizing mascara but a great natural look.

6. German chocolate:
Milka bars...

and Ritter Sport

7. Bounce dryer bar

8. iphone and my bible app.
9.  CHECK it out. Whenever I think to myself I need...blah. I look up what the highest reviewed, most bought, best value etc. Thats where I found out about the baby wash/face wash. A lot of cosmetics do nothing for your face or worse make it worse in the long run. While I don't have the greatest skin this is mostly because I am lazy and forget to wash my face and I use products. Plus my hormones are a wreck.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My little business...

So I thought I would share about my little side business or scam as my uncle likes to call it. I sell things on amazon.  I have a few shelves...(okay a lot) filled with "media". I sell movies, books and video games. I can't really share where I get my inventory because that is against the rules but I can show you how a typical ship day looks for me. My desk space:

That blue piece of cardstock is what I use when I need to take photos of an item I am selling on ebay. Like this Nintendo DS for example...pretty professional ay?

So first things first I make thank you cards to send with my shipments. I use the cheapest cardstock scraps from Michaels where I also use a coupon so its SOOO cheap. I don't have to do this but I get such good feedback so I think its worth it. Plus its fun! Sorry about getting a little excited with photos. I get a little carried away sometimes. 


 I always stamp "faith" on the back of all of them. I don't know why. I guess faith is important to me and I like to share whats important to me.

Then I put the thank you card with the  packing slip which I print from the amazon seller account along with the shipping label. I have a scale so I don't have to go to the post office. Thank god for that because gas is not cheap.
 Then I tape them all up and give them to my mailman.YAY! So fufilling!

These are other shipping days. 

I am going to post a photo of me smiling on every post because it makes me smile. :) My husband just asked if these were photos of our house. ha ha! Camera effects are so good he can't tell! ha ha!