Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How are you so skinny?

There I said it. I am skinny. I wear a size 4 (sometimes even a 2 and sometimes I even shop in the little girl section at Target) and I have a child. So shoot me. This will be my controversial post. I don't understand why curvy girls can be proud of being curvy but I can't be proud of my size.

Anyways I have been thinking a lot about why I have never really been overweight (besides during and after my pregnancy). I know some of it has to do with genetics but I am sure some of it has to do with what I do everyday and my normal habits.
1. I breastfeed. This helps a lot. I lost 70 pounds after I had my son. I got pregnant at 140 delivered at 199 and I am now at 130.
2. Except for an occasional glass of whole milk or a blended coffee drink I do not drink calories. It is a waste of calories. No juice and no soda with sugar.
3. I park far away from the door because I am horrible at parking. ha ha!
4. When I start to gain weight I don't reach for the loose jeans I squeeze into my small pair. This reminds me to watch my portions.
5. Every once in a while I do a few days of food journaling to make sure I am eating right. I use an app on my iphone but you can use a paper and pen.
6. I use small plates.
7. I only eat when I am hungry. This sounds simple but there have been times when I have eaten just because it is dinner time. Sometimes I am not even hungry I am just thirsty.
8. No seconds on carbs.
9. More veggies than carbs.
10. If I pig out at lunch I have a yogurt or a can of veggies for dinner.
11. I tighten my abs when I am driving.
12. I eat nothing "low fat" if I am going to have ice cream its going to be normal and all natural. I am convinced it keeps me fuller longer and meets my cravings for longer. 
12. I read the label ALWAYS and eat accordingly.
13. I hardly snack and when I do its a handful of cheerios, some fruit, a slice of cheese or some lunch meat.


  1. Ditto to this. I think that all body shapes are beautiful in their way, especially with confidence. Everyone is different, and no one should feel bad about being thick or thin. Sometimes random people "accuse" me of being thin like I'm a bad person for it. I feel better when I'm fit, so I work hard for it. I exercise and eat healthy during the day so that I can have whatever dessert I want later. And breastfeeding was an amazing (and snuggly) weight loss help after having the boys. You are beautiful! Don't feel bad for taking care of yourself. :) People need to love their own bodies, and let others love their own bodies. Our bodies are a gift.

  2. Great Post, Jasmin.

    I agree with Bridget, everyone is beautiful in their own way no matter what their size.

    I do like your bullets, I should take many of them into consideration. I am still BF'ing Fletcher but unlike the girls (who I lost a lot of weight while BF'ing them) it is not the case with Fletch :-/ I hope to wean him soon so I can feel more confident about going on a diet.

  3. I think it's great! As long as your are happy and healthy, that's all that matters!

  4. Great post, Jasmin! I, too, am lighter after having three kids.. I think the way of life and daily healthy choices make a huge difference! Also, chasing after little one/s helps a bunch:) You look great and seem so happy, too! ps-it's abeyer on af!

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

  6. FYI in my smallest jeans today. Need to lay off the cream-sickles.