Friday, May 20, 2011

Couponing at it worth it?

I never used to use coupons at winco because they don't have an ad. I like to be prepared when I go into a store with the coupons all cut perfectly and in an envelope and a list with exact quantities. That was until I found this blog this lady does it all for me!! She can't guarantee the prices but at least it clues me in. I got a bunch of Oscar Myer hot dogs for 49 cents a pack and lunchables for 38 cents for my hubby. I also got free country time lemonade.  I also discovered these AMAZING treats:

They are soo yummy and only 100 calories per pack. (if you can stop after one pack..) Plus they had a coupon stuck to them so they were 60 cents for a box. !! Yes thats me. ha ha!

No news on my Heidi dog. Here is a photo of her:

Isn't she the sweetest thing? She is such a smart and loyal dog. I miss her so much. Can't wait to have her on Monday. I have been doing tons of research on her disease so I can take really good care of her and be a good momma. I am planning on cooking for her. So no more dog food only fresh food for my Heidi from now on.


  1. Awww, sorry for no news about Heidi. She's lucky to have such a great Mom. ;)
    And LOL @ the snackwells pic!! Love it! You are too cute! :)

  2. when you did your couponing at winco like ages ago, did you use online or in the paper?