Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Girl Names...

Casey and I found out on Sunday that we are having a baby girl. I am a little nervous because I feel like I know boys but also excited! Casey and I looked through the baby name book and  we like a lot more girl names than we liked boy names. With Samson we couldn't decide on anything so the first thing we both liked we went with. With baby girl there are so many we like. At first we wanted to only do bible names but then we feel like when we have a third baby we have to stick to that and only do bible names. That is the same thing with choosing another "S" name, would we have to stick to the "S" names?
 I don't know if we like enough "S" names.... HA HA! 

These are some names in the running for baby girl:

1.     Analiese
2.     Carolyn or Caroline
3.     Audrey
4.     Holly
5.     Claire
6.     Hannah
7.     Shelby
8.     Leslie
9.     Miriam
10.  Ruth (Ruthie when she is little)
11.  Sadie
12.  Shelley
13.  Adaliene
14. Annabelle  (Oops...sorry Steph, almost copied you.)
15. Brooke
16. Carleen
17.  Corabelle
18.  Leanne
19. Marabel
20. Marianne
21. Mirabel
22.  Caitlin
23. Rachel

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The list

Lately I have had a pretty long and stressful list. You know like when you were in college and you have three papers due in the same week? Only my papers keep getting extended and new topics keep getting added. (I do like doing a lot of the things on the list) Here was my list:
-take care of Granny
-take care of Casey
-take care of Heidi
-take care of Cooper
-finish buying house
-various work projects that all end on the 17th
-take over finances for Moms group
-keep the house somewhat clean
-take care of myself because well you know I AM PREGNANT and hungry ALL THE TIME.
-some decisions that I have to make for our future
-some doctrine questions I have been having (specifically head coverings at church ( I don't think hair counts.) , modesty in every sense of the word(currently getting rid of all things that have logos all over them, and some other commandments regarding entertainment..I have a hard time being against legalism. I don't think following rules gets you anywhere vertically but I feel like if you are saved and you love God you want to please him. Just my two cents...) ))))) and some other thoughts.

My list has changed... We had to put my Heidi dog down. She had a flare up. The steroids weren't enough to keep her well. She got two massive blisters on both elbows and after the scabs fell off there was just bone. The vet said there was nothing we could do once the bone showed because of bone infection. So it was just a matter of time. We loved on her for a few weeks and gave her lots of yummy food. Saturday, November 5th was the last day she could walk by herself and by Sunday she wouldn't even eat bacon. It was time to let her go. We drove her to the emergency vet convinced them that she has the rarest auto immune skin disease known to veternary medicine, pemphigus and two types at that. Told them we had invested serious cash into her already not to mention her suffering. Said our good byes and Casey held her as she drifted to sleep. First they gave her a really sweet sedative and Casey noticed her breathing stop being labored so she must have been in serious pain. Then they gave her the heart stopping stuff. My poor little girl. She didn't even make it to four years old. I can't help but be envious of others with old dogs. Why poor little Heidi? We will never know. I miss her so and cry a little every night. Samson asks about her everyday. Heidi was his first word. Cooper has helped me some but its hard. In some ways it is a blessing she is gone. She was in so much pain, she smelled really bad towards the end and I was overwhelmed. The last few days she was being spoon fed cat food and water out of a sippy cup. It really made me think about how we are stewards over our animals and about how this is a biblical responsibility. About how in a sense we play god. We decide when they go and when they stay. We feed them and love them. Maybe this is Gods way of showing us his pain when he loses one of us? Well I am rambling. The next photo is what Casey and I believe was the last happiest day of her life. At a beach in Oregon she had just the best time. She played in the sand and dug holes...

The next day after we let Heidi go Granny went to the hospital. It was a strange day. I checked on her at 2pm and she was fine and then when I saw her about an hour later she was not fine. In the hospital it was decided she needs to go into a home for a few weeks to regain her strength. This is a blessing because when we move out she needs to be more self sufficient. This is also a blessing because I get to go visit my family next week without fear of her falling etc. While she was in the hospital her beloved cat died. Oh how I loved that cat. What a sweet loyal perfect old cat. I miss him too. I keep on looking in the kitchen for him. I guess he wanted to catch Heidi's Hurst on the way up. (I don't really think they go to heaven, I think their whole purpose is fulfilled here but it is a nice thought)

Casey should be getting a new doctor soon so hopefully more news on the back. :) Also finding out sex of baby on Saturday. :)) Pretty awesome stuff!!