Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What we have been up to...

So for starters we made a little baby. Yup! God has given me a baby again, I am pregnant. SO COOL! I don't have any feelings about if it is a boy or a girl but Casey is convinced its a boy again. Anyways this might me my last pregnancy if Casey's back isn't healed so I am really trying to appreciate every moment. Prayers for Casey's back so I can fill my car with babies. ha ha! I am currently 11 weeks along. I am not quite out of the miscarriage time yet and for some reason I am super paranoid about it. Everytime I get a cramp my heart skips a beat. Its awful to be so pessamistic sometimes. I need to be a joyous jasmin. Pregnancy also means I get to get fat! Woo Hoo!! I also get to research and shop. YES!

In addition to the making of the babies we have been busy bees lately. We went camping in Oregon a few weeks ago. We had so much fun! Finally used that DVD player in the car. I can't believe I used to judge parents for those things. I had issues. I know I am showing my bad parenting here but I turned Samson around forward facing for the trip. He is 18 months old and legally able to be forward facing but I am a pretty big believer in extended rear facing at least till the age of 2. Most accidents happen near to home right? ;) I needed him to be distracted and he couldn't watch the TV rear facing. Bad reason I know. I am such a hypocrite.  I turned him right back around when I got home. Whew.. no broken necks.  It was cold but we all cuddled and we were warm enough. We did as much walking as we could with Casey's back.

The next weekend we got a PUPPY! Now don't worry we still have little disabled Heidi. She is okay. Tired but alive.  Friday night I had a dream we bought a puppy from a guy on street out of a box. Saturday we are leaving Costco and sure enough there is a guy selling puppies out of a box. We had to look and this lead to buying one. We wanted Samson to have a dog that he could play with. He loves him. His name is Cooper. He is a fox/rat terrier mix. He is high energy but not aggressive. Heidi has a leaning towards agression. I would like to blame her disease but she has kind of always been a jerk.

 I also have been trying to get some scrapbooking done. I want to be all up to date when I have this baby. So I can do things on time this time. I just finished transfering all the files from my pcs to my mac. I love looking through all the old photos. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

I got a new bathroom. And I think I needed it.

When I first moved in with my husbands granny I was terrified of the bathroom. I had this grand ole plan that my husband would fix it all up. Too bad the subfloor needed to be replaced...  I couldn't imagine living without a real shower much less a bathroom sink. The floors were disgusting and uncleannable.  Fast forward two years later I am living with and without and it really taught me something. We have so much more than we need. It really isn't that hard to not have a shower or a sink. I wash my hands/face and brush my teeth in the bathtub. Its not that big a deal. I stand in the bathtub and hose my self with the hand held sprayer.  We kept our feet on the linoleum and Samson doesn't go in the bathroom much. I knew that something had to be done soon and it had been promised for a while so I wasn't holding my breath. My granny was pretty much against all change even if she wasn't paying for it. So we compromised and she kept her tub and picked the color. So it happened. I got a new bathroom and it is so pretty and I have a real shower and I have storage. Its all I could ever ask for. I am sooo happy with it but also proud of myself for sticking through it. I figure humans have been without indoor plumbing for a long time so I was okay with bad indoor plumbing. Maybe some moms wouldn't live here but I know I did the right thing for my family. Sure I have been totally ashamed to have people over but you know what? That was dumb. I have way more things to be ashamed of than my ancient bathroom.  I have been able to only work part time because we cut costs by living here and I believe we have added years to Granny's lifespan. My husband and my sister in law lived in this house when they were Samson's age and they are just fine. I know we will be blessed for doing the right thing. So without further delay here are the before photos: