Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Samson

I really wanted to do this more but I better do one now that I am thinking about it. There might be typos because I was trying to rush so I could finish this before he wakes up.

Dear Samson,

you are almost 17 months old now. It makes me so sad and happy to see you grow up. The term would be bittersweet. I don't have a baby anymore. I switched out your bedding so you could have sheets and a comforter. You even have a pillow.  You walk around and you even say a few words. You understand so much and help me unload the dishwasher and put away legos. You have the largest appetite and you love everything. We took you to the sushi restaurant and you loved the seaweed salad. Daddy and I were so surprised! You probably eat a pb&j 6 days a week because you love them so much. You love the Samson speghetti that I make you which is just noodles and tomato soup.  I finished weaning you a few days ago and you were so coaperative. I just told you "all gone" and you nodded. Now you even sleep through the night. I am so proud of you. I do admit that I miss our little quality time at night. I am astonished at how perfect and sweet you are. You make us fear having another baby because we can't imagine getting this lucky twice. Everywhere we go we get tons of compliments especially on your hair. This weekend you and daddy are going to get haircuts at the salon. On Sunday we are going to dedicate you at our church and become members of our church. I am so excited to make that promise to raise you Christian and hope you love god as much as I do.  A few days ago we went to visit your aunt and cousins and when we left you cried and cried. I think it made your auntie feel good. You love your family. Even when you see my family you love them and you hardly ever see them. Last night I had a moms group and you were in the house and some music came on the tv and you did a little jig for all to see. Every morning you wake up and point downstairs. We go down and you run to Grannys room to see if she is awake and yes it makes me tear up everytime. Then you usually want a cup of milk or water to drink while I make some breakfast. For breakfast we usually have some eggs (you eat 2!) or some toast or groats. Then we play, read books and run around being "crazy baby" as your dad calls it. At around naptime you get a little fuss fuss and you point upstairs and you know its nap time. As much as I love you I LIVE for that naptime. I get to work out, shower or clean. When you wake up we might go for a walk or play in the backyard with Heidi dog. I try to get you outside air everyday because Oma says its healthy and I think it makes you sleep better. Then we go back in and play some more until dinner. Daddy comes home around 5:30. Once you hear that door click you run in the living room and then you follow dad upstairs where dad changes out of his work stuff. Dad used to carry you back down but now I have to go up and carry you down because of dads car accident. I hope you don't notice how much pain dad is in. His tries to hide when he is playing with you. Then we eat dinner together, maybe watch a little movie and its bed time. You have been a breeze to put to bed. I read you a few books esp. this history book "Olden Days" and I lay you down and rub your sweet hair till you fall asleep. No more crying. I am so happy you came to this on your own with out me having to do any sleep training. I couldn't make myself do that. Your nonni noticed you are such a secure little boy. I can leave you without any crying. We love you and can't wait to see you grow up.
Your momma.


  1. What precious words you have given to your little boy. It made me cry because I know exactly how you feel. I just loved it, and your sweet mama's love shines through. Keep it up.

  2. So sweet! And how in the world have you survived so long with him not sleeping through the night?! I was the happiest ever when Sophia did starting at about 5 months. I couldn't even imagine 17 months!

  3. You know at five months I was ready to lose it. ha ha! Then I just got used to it. I tried some sleep solutions but nothing really worked. I wasn't able to do cry it out so I just kept on telling myself it was just a phase and I just needed to accept it. The most helpful thing for me was bringing him to our bed when he woke up. He always fell asleep in his own crib and now he sleeps only in his crib.