Thursday, May 2, 2013

Still up here

We are still up here in Oregon. I wanted to share some little reviews and some fantastic children quotes. 

We went to this awesome park called regatta park. It's located in Lincoln City. It is the COOLEST park I've ever been to. It has a lake with a little beach. Awesome fantastic equipment. A tire swing! And these cool swings made out of old tires. 


Every morning we have been going to the beach searching for agates. The kids love searching. The only downside is its lick your hand, it sticks to the wall cold. Okay not THAT cold but for realzies we are wearing snow suits at the beach. We hit up the Columbia outlet to be better prepared for the cold windy mean beach. 

My outfit, sans the hat, it got returned. 
I'm thinking the jacket is a good one because its warm and it has those cute hand things and I found a few agates later that day. 


The kids had fun at the outlets. New hats for both the boys and a ride with Spider-Man?! Good day indeed. 

 My little niece who I love to pieces made a glass float. Let me repeat my 7 year old niece did glass work. So so cool. Here is the poster: 

Here she is working hard: 

It looked something like this when she was done: 

 Actually hers was cuter because it was unicorn colors (pink purple green duh) and unicorns rock. I'll post it later. 



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